USPS to Raise Rates in April 2011

The United States Postal Service has proposed a rate increase for their First Class Mail, Standard Mail, Periodicals, and Media Mail services effective April 17, 2011. They also announced changes for the First Class International service. The new rate change is a 1.7 % increase on average. They will also introduce Commercial Base Rates for First Class Parcels. Priority Mail and Express Mail are not affected by this specific increase. These rates need to be approved by the Postal Regulatory Committee but they are likely to be approved as they are within the allowable annual increase of  1.7%.


New Commercial Base Prices
This will be a new rate class that is available for online postage users ONLY, and will save shippers $0.15 per mail piece. These new rates start at $1.56. Commercial Base rates give discounts to shippers who purchase their postage online through Endicia, Stamps.com, the USPS Click N Ship, or other third-party online postage services.

First Class Letters
1 oz. ounce First Class Letters will remain at $0.44 and 1 oz. First Class Flats will remain at $0.88. However, each additional ounce (or half ounce for 3.5 ounce letters) will cost an extra $0.20 (up from the current  cost of $0.17).

First Class Packages
Retail rates will start at $1.71 (up from the current  cost of $1.22)

Media Mail
Rates will start at $2.41 (up from the current  cost of $2.38)

Parcel Post
Rates will start at $5.10 (up from the current  cost of $4.90)

First Class International
Letter prices will change for group one (1) and group two (2) by an average of $0.06.
Flat prices will change for all country groups by an average of $0.53.
Package prices will change for all country groups by an average of $0.78

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