UPS and FedEx Shipping Claims; Why 60 Days?

When filing a shipping insurance claim with Shipsurance for a FedEx or UPS shipment, we ask that the claimant provide all the claim documents to us by 60 days from the shipment date. We provide extra time for the claimant to get us a copy of the carrier liability check because that is out of their hands, but 60 days is ample time to provide other claims documentation.

We are often asked why 60 days from the shipment date?

Other shipping insurance providers request that documents are submitted by 60 days from the date on the shipping carrier liability check. It you wait that long, there might be problems completed the claim requirements.

To explain why, here is a scenario: Your business ships a widget to a customer and the widget is damaged in transit, 6 days after shipping it. You file a claim with FedEx and they send someone to “inspect” the package. The inspector arrives 10 days later and submits their findings. FedEx “loses the paperwork” internally and processes the claim for their $100.00 of free liability coverage in 70 days. Now, 76 days after shipping, you file a claim with the insurance company and they request an invoice, photos, and a repair estimate. However, unknown to you, the recipient has discarded the item and the packaging because 70 days have past and FedEx already sent someone to review the packaging and the damage. At this point, you cannot provide the supporting documents to the insurance company.

Since Shipsurance requests that a claim is filed immediately and completed earlier, there is a much better chance that the claim will be completed quicker. The recipient will be able to assist in providing whatever is needed to substantiate the loss as they are immediately made aware of what is needed.

The sooner a claim is filed and documentation requested, the smoother the process is. And trust us… it is a smooth process when everyone is informed and communication occurs quicker.

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