2014 UPS Rate Increases

UPSUPS has followed FedEx in announcing their 2014 rate changes. The changes will take place on December 30, 2013. Make sure to take note of this date as it is not the same date that FedEx is changing their rates. FedEx rate changes take place on January 6, 2014,

UPS is raising their declared value charges for the 10th straight year. This follows the same pattern of FedEx and along with the minimum charges makes declaring value with UPS and FedEx a large expense to shippers of all sizes.

Declared value fees for UPS are increasing from $0.85 to $0.90 per $100. The minimum charge increased from $2.55 to $2.70.

If you declare a $200.00 value on 100 packages, this would cost you $270.00. Compare this to Shipsurance where you could pay less than $40.00* for broader coverage. 1000 packages would save you $2300*.

Other UPS Rate Changes for 2014:

  • Additional Handling charge – The Additional Handling charge will increase by $0.25.
  • Address Correction – Address Correction, Chargeback for Consignee Billing Shipments, Missing / Invalid Account Number, and Refusal Fee will increase $0.35.
  • Delivery Area Surcharge – The Delivery Area Surcharge applied to commercial and commercial extended addresses for U.S. Air Services will increase $0.10. The Delivery Area Surcharge applied to residential and residential extended addresses for U.S. Air Services will increase $0.15.
  • Signature Required – The charges for Delivery Confirmation Signature Required will increase $0.12. The charges for Delivery Confirmation Adult Signature Required will increase $0.15.

For a complete list of rate changes, visit:

*You must have an active Shipsurance coverage certificate to secure these rates. Request a quote now!

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