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UPS and FedEx Rates Increases Hit Small Businesses

Raising rates is inevitable when a company is trying to increase profits and shareholder value. When companies like UPS and FedEx raise their rates on their shipping services, there are many understandable factors they take into consideration besides their stock prices. Inflation, increased fuel costs, increased competition, and increased general overhead all play a part. […]


eReport for FedEx Ship Manager Release – Version 2.7

We have just issued an update to our  eReport for FedEx Ship Manager program. The new version number is 2.7. ————— Whats New? – General bugfixes – New code base ————— If you are a current eReport for FedEx Ship Manager user, you can click on the “Check for Updates” button to update the program. More […]

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FedEx vs UPS – Who Is More Efficient?

We are always asked the same question: Who is better, FedEx or UPS? It is impossible to give a clear answer as both offer tremendous services and the claims we process are evenly distributed. Using industry data, Package Fox has come up with a great graphic that compares the two shipping giants by the numbers. […]


FedEx and UPS Rate Increase – January 3, 2011

Declared Value Rates increasing to $0.75 per $100. The time has just about arrived. FedEx and UPS are raising their rates on their services effective January 3rd, 2011. Their shipping rates are increasing as well as their rates for auxiliary services, such as declared value. The declared value costs, also mistakenly called insurance cost, is increasing by […]


USPS Rate Changes for 2011

The United States Postal service 2011 rate change goes into effect on January 2, 2011. This is a reminder of what changes are coming. Below is a summary of what is changing and what is not: First Class Mail is not changing. The First Class Stamp will continue to be $0.44. Standard Mail &  Parcel […]


2011 UPS Rate Increases

UPS has announced their 2011 rate changes today. Like FedEx, these changes will take place on January 3, 2011. UPS Ground services will increase a net 4.9% through a combination of a 5.9% increase in rates and a 1% reduction in the UPS Ground services fuel surcharge. UPS Air and International services will increase a net 4.9% through […]


2010 Holiday Carrier Schedules

Below are the holiday shipping schedules for the major U.S. based shipping carriers.   FEDEX 2010 Holiday Schedule Thanksgiving 11/25 Closed Closed Closed Closed 11/26 Open Open Open Open 11/27 Open Closed Open Open (deliveries only)   Christmas 12/24 Open Open (deliveries only) Open (deliveries only) Closed 12/25 Closed Closed Closed Closed 12/27 Open Open […]