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Branded Packaging Details

As an update to our 2017 blog post “When you ship, use plain boxes“we wanted to provide a few examples of packages that are able to be insured with us versus packages that are not*. We have seen quite a bit of misinformation being spread regarding shipping insurance and the packaging used for shipments. First […]


Bad Packaging Can Ruin a Good Day

From It’s a story repeated all too often: A shipper’s employee gives a package to a carrier, the goods arrive damaged but inside an intact box, a claim is filed, but it’s denied because of “improper or insufficient packaging.” Here are some easy steps to prevent this nightmare: 1. Assume that whatever you ship […]


Packing… At a Minimum

We always tell people to pack their items to withstand the normal rigors of transit… at a minimum. This statement often gets passed over with the invariable “We know. Our company always packs well.”.  The problem is, when you plan to pack and ship an item via UPS, FedEx, or any other carrier, you must […]


Smart Shipping Tip #3 – Double Boxing

Double Boxing. More Than Strength Protection Most people double box items due to the increased stability and extra strength of additional packaging. This is the main reason for double boxing and saves thousands of packages every day from certain destruction. Another reason for double boxing that gets overlooked is to prevent the contents of packages […]