eReport Software

Insurance Reporting Made Easy

eReport Software Allows for Hands-Free Reporting

Saving money on insurance is one thing, but if the overhead involved with saving money outweighs the savings, what is the point? We understand that. That is why we have developed our eReport suite of software for users of WorldShip, Shipmanager, Endicia Dazzle, Stamps.com, and eBay. Our eReport programs make reporting your insured shipments to us easier, often hands free.

Here is how they work: You ship your packages the way you normally do. Instead of declaring the value in the software “Value” field, you enter it in a different field. That is it! Our software electronically reports those shipments to us for coverage. Your shipments are now covered by your Shipsurance certificate.

Our WorldShip, Shipmanager, and Stamps.com eReports are fully automated; Insured shipments are sent to use daily. Our software for Endicia Dazzle and eBay require a little user help, but not much.

Read more about our eReport software at: http://www.shipsurance.com/solutions.asp?sPage=technology.

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