Do Not Ship The Damaged Item Back

We understand the importance of great customer service. The need to satisfy your customers is often your number one priority. But when is bending over backwards a potential negative? If you are insuring your shipments with Shipsurance, or even with the carrier, do not have your customer ship damaged items back to you until a claim is complete. This can lead to further damage or potential loss in transit back to you.

Here are a few examples:

Example #1 – You ship a stereo receiver via FedEx to your customer. In 5 days, you receive a call from the customer stating the item is damaged. Instead of filing an insurance claim, you have your customer ship the item back to you. 5 days pass. 7 days. 10 days. The receiver is nowhere to be found. Upon contacting FedEx, you find out they lost the receiver on the way back to you, AND YOU SHIPPED IT BACK UNINSURED.

Example #2 – You ship a Lladro piece to a customer via UPS. Your customer calls and tells you the piece was chipped in transit and needs a small repair. You tell your customer (or they take it upon themselves) to send it back to you. Instead of professionally packaging it the same way they received it, they throw it is a box wrapped in tissue paper. When the package arrives, you do not even need to open the box to know what happened to it. It sounds like a box full of broken glass.

In both examples, both problems would have been eliminated if your communicated to the recipient that they need to keep the items and packaging as they received it. Photographs and local repair estimates would most likely have remedied both situations.

Educating your customers makes the entire process easy and straightforward. Keep in mind that even if the recipient is not your customer, there are ways to educate them. Place a piece of paper in your package that tells them to inspect the package and to contact YOU if there is any loss or damage; not the carrier. You would be surprised how a little direction can be an great education process.

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