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We want to get an idea about the shipping carriers that you are using and your experiences with them. This is a quick poll that we hope will paint a small picture of carrier usage and reliability. Please take a few minutes and answer the below questions.

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  • I use UPS for ground shipping and Fedex for Air Shipping and US Mail when I have to.

  • We typically use Fedex for Air, UPS for Ground, and USPS when requested or required for APO/FPO or PO Boxes.

  • UPS is our preferred carrier.Back in the late 80’s & early 90’s, Fed Ex called us consolidators & it was hard to get set up with them. We use them when a customer requests it.DHL still has very good Internat. rates.

  • Couldn’t answer the last two because we haven’t have any claims for loss or damage yet. But we’ve only been open six months.

  • We use Ups for Ground, Fedex for Air and USPS for small, under 5-lbs and very low declared value. I think only 1 lost pack by UPS in the last couple years. No claims to speak of.

  • UPS is our primary carrier for Ground. FedEx for Air. We are not presently offering USPS except for 1st class letters.

  • UPS is our primary carrier for both ground and air. USPS gets a good amount via Priority Mail. FedEx is sometimes requested for air, even though higher than UPS. FedEx Ground is used to commercial addresses when less than UPS. Customers choose mostly by price.

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