Using Shipsurance With is another PC Postage product that allows users to print U.S. postage from their computer. Users can print physical stamps or actual shipping labels and use nothing more than their normal printer. They also allow users to print FedEx labels. allows users to purchase shipping insurance from the USPS or directly from resells insurance offered by PIP and it is not much less than the USPS offered insurance.

Users who want to take advantage of the great rates and coverage offered by Shipsurance are in luck. We have developed a way for users to print postage with and insure with Shipsurance.

Once you decide to insure with us and receive a policy, it is very easy to print your USPS labels with and insure with us. Below is a quick guide:

To setup the “Cost Code” field (Only do this one time):
When creating a Shipping Label, there is a field on the bottom left of the screen named “Cost Code” See the screen shot below. This is where you will store the value of the shipment; rounded up to the next $100.00 increment.

  • – Click on the icon next to the ‘Cost Code’ field that has a dollar sign ($) on it.
  • – On the new window (See “Screen 2” below), populate the drop down list with $100 increments. Example. Enter “100” and click “Add”. Enter “200” and click “Add”. Do this until you reach your Shipsurance coverage limit.
  • – Click ‘Close’ and you will be back on the shipping screen. Screen

To capture the declared value of your shipment:
  • – Complete your postage as normal
  • – In the ‘Cost Code’ field, select the value you want to insure, rounding UP to the nearest 100. I.E. If you are insuring an item with a $35.00 declared value, select “100” from the ‘Cost Code’ dropdown menu. If you are insuring an item with a $215.00 declared value, select “300” from the ‘Cost Code’ dropdown menu.
  • – Print your postage as normal.


That’s It! Your shipment is flagged for insurance with us. Your only other step is to export the postage log and email it once per month. Alternatively, you can use our eReport for software to do the work for you. The eReport program fully automates the process leaving you with nothing manual to do in order to insure your shipments with us.

To take advantage of our low cost shipping insurance coverage, request a quote for coverage now or call us at 866-852-9956 x503 for more details.

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