eReport Pro – eBay API Communication Issues

We have been made aware that since 2/16/2011 our eReport Pro program has not been receiving proper details from eBay when downloading transactions. The program is properly pulling transactions, but the shipping carrier used is not coming across properly. Users have to manually select the shipping carrier used.

We are looking into this as it seems there has been changes to the eBay API. Until a fix is resolved, please make sure to manually select the shipping carrier that you used.


We have released an update to the eReport Pro software. All is well!


We received a promising build from the developers that seems to fix all issues. We will do some internal testing today through Monday.


We continue to be investigating this problem and our engineers are at work.
Until a fix is available, as a way to save time, enter “No Tracking” or “D/C” for the tracking number. This should save significant time.

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