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eBay© and Etsy© sellers have enjoyed insuring their shipments with us at a discount for over 15 years. We have always offered custom solutions that allowed these users to insure their shipments with us with little to no overhead from their daily workflow. Whether it was integrating with their shipping system of choice or using our eReport Software, there is always a way to insure shipments with us.

We are proud to offer a new solution to our eReport suite of reporting tools: eReport Online. eReport Online is a web-based (SAAS) solution that allows Shipsurance customers to insure their shipments by using an integration with the eBay© and Etsy© API’s. eReport Online pulls in all orders and allows users to insure them one-by-one or in bulk using “Automatic Insurance Rules”. Rules can be setup to automatically insure all shipments over a certain value or shipped via a certain carrier. It truly is a hands off approach to protecting your shipments.

All direct Shipsurance customers have access to eReport Online but it is best served for users who sell on eBay© and Etsy©. It also allows for the manual entry of shipments that were sold outside of those two platforms, so individual orders can be added, as well.

eReport Online can be found by visiting https://ereportonline.com.

Benefits include:

  • Downloads all items from your eBay© and Etsy©
  • Electronically report shipment information to Shipsurance for coverage.
  • Automate insuring your shipments.
  • Keep all completed transaction information in one place.
  • Record keeping depot of all insured shipments and premiums due.
  • Pick and choose the specific shipments that you want to cover.
  • Web-based so there is nothing to install.

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