Branded Packaging Details

As an update to our 2017 blog post “When you ship, use plain boxes“we wanted to provide a few examples of packages that are able to be insured with us versus packages that are not*. We have seen quite a bit of misinformation being spread regarding shipping insurance and the packaging used for shipments.

First off, a slight refresher. Most shipping insurance providers do not cover shipments when the outer packaging alludes to the contents. This includes manufacturer packages such as boxes that read “Dell” or have an “Apple Computer” logo, for example. There is something to be said for marketing and branding, but logic dictates that branded packages can bring unwanted attention to the package while it is in transit. As a risk mitigation technique, most insurance providers exclude these types of shipments. Our blog article gives more details as to why this is.

We want to be clear what types of packages are problematic and what types are not when it comes to securing shipping insurance coverage. Here is a graphic that details packages that can be covered and those than cannot*.


Here is some further clarification:

Non- Descriptive Packaging (GOOD) Branded Packaging (BAD)
Shipping carrier branded boxes (FedEx©, UPS©, USPS©, etc) Boxes with logo’s or company names that allude to the contents (Dell© Computer, Cisco© Systems, George’s Jewelry, Cell Phone Warehouse, etc)
Blank corrugated boxes (brown, white, etc) Original manufacturer packaging with photos or details about the contents (printer boxes or fitness equipment with photos of the contents on the outer packaging, etc. )
Generic marketplace branded boxes (eBay©, Amazon©, Etsy©, Home Depot©, Box Brothers©, etc) Branded tape with the company name or logo.
Reused boxes that do not allude to the contents (diaper boxes, computer boxes, etc) Bicycle boxes (containing bicycles) & Guitar boxes (containing guitars, basses. etc)

Can you reuse boxes and insure the contents? Yes, however, it is discouraged as once a cardboard box is used for transit it loses much of it’s supportive qualities and may not protect the contents as well as a new box.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about insuring your shipments with us.

* Note: Shipsurance does offer extended coverage for branded packaging but your business must first contact us for a direct coverage certificate and we will discuss coverage options with you. Coverage may require specific shipping methods, specific conditions (ie: signature required) and/or additional premiums.

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