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Online Shipping Insurance Claim Verification

Sub $100 Claims? Say Good Bye to Paper Affidavits! Our shipping insurance coverage has always been a great savings and fraud deterrent for our customers, but the affidavit process has always been met with mixed emotions. When a shipment is sent via the USPS, we require the recipient, or intended recipient, to sign a claim statement/affidavit indicating loss or damage. […]


Shipping Insurance Coverage from


Online PR News – 09-June-2011 –Shipsurance Insurance Services is proud to announce the release of InsurePost allows shippers to cover their packages quickly and at a great coverage rate. The entire process of insuring a package all the way through the claims process can be managed from one central online service. Shipments sent via […]


Shipping Insurance for eBay Sellers for Less

eBay sellers have always been the responsible party when shipping a package to their buyers. If something goes wrong in shipping they must make their buyer whole again. Shipping insurance is the best way to protect the seller from mishandling by the shipping carriers. eBay sellers have a great resource in the ShipSaver Insurance App. […]


International Shipping Restrictions Revisited

We wanted to follow-up with our article “If You Are An International Shipper Know The Restrictions” with another reminder to make sure you understand the International shipping restrictions of the shipping carriers. Specifically; the United States Postal Service. We found the following video and it reminded us of something we see too often. When shipping Internationally, please […]


Mail Service to Japan May Be Delayed

The United States Postal Service has released the following bulletin regarding shipments to Japan: Due to the massive earthquake that occurred in Japan March 12 that has affected mail delivery in the northern areas of the country — including the cities of Sapporo and Sendai — the Japan Postal Service Co., Ltd. is declaring a […]


eReport Pro – eBay API Communication Issues

We have been made aware that since 2/16/2011 our eReport Pro program has not been receiving proper details from eBay when downloading transactions. The program is properly pulling transactions, but the shipping carrier used is not coming across properly. Users have to manually select the shipping carrier used. We are looking into this as it […]

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UPS and FedEx Rates Increases Hit Small Businesses

Raising rates is inevitable when a company is trying to increase profits and shareholder value. When companies like UPS and FedEx raise their rates on their shipping services, there are many understandable factors they take into consideration besides their stock prices. Inflation, increased fuel costs, increased competition, and increased general overhead all play a part. […]